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How to Brief your Architect

You’ve found the ideal architect for your home renovation, now it’s time to create a detailed brief. This is your opportunity to define what you want to achieve and show them what an incredible, liveable renovation would look like for you.

Take some time to visualize the way you want your home to look, feel and flow. Search for inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram, in magazines, on home shows and websites, anywhere that gives you ideas and insight into what’s possible with a renovation. Create a Pinterest board or digital folder of all your ideas and make notes on what you love about each image.

We have mapped out the next step for you, with our free Project Checklist below. This document is a tool we use at Georgina Wilson Associates to tease out the likes, dislikes, personality and renovation vision of our clients before we start a project. Work through this method highlighting the areas that apply to your build and filling in your personal information, and this will give your architect a considered and detailed starting point for their plans. A simple but effective way to get all your ideas down and documented in one place.

Best of luck!

Project Checklist
Download PDF • 713KB


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