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How to select your Architect

You’re ready to begin your home renovation, and it’s time to find the person who can help you bring the project to life: the architect.

Start by getting your ideas down visually. Think about the way you want your dream home to look and feel – create a Pinterest board or an Instagram folder of your ideas and note down what you like about each image. Use our free Project Checklist to get all your ideas down in one place ready for the briefing session with your potential architect.

Project Checklist
Download PDF • 713KB

Do your research on local architects, look at their work online and make a shortlist of those you want to meet with. Check with your own network too, ask friends, family, colleagues etc for a referral if they have worked with an architect for a similar renovation.

Meet with your shortlisted architects in person if possible, and you’ll get a feel for who is the best fit for you. It’s a long and important relationship between architect and homeowner, you need to trust and feel comfortable with that person and be excited about working together. Rather than meeting at your property, we suggest meeting at the architect’s office so that you can:

  1. Focus on articulating what it is you want, without distraction.

  2. Get to know the architect a bit – how they work, their style and team.

  3. Demonstrate commitment to your project and the process of finding the right architect for you.

  4. Experienced architects will mainly be interested in your needs at this early stage – what is the best way for you to proceed from here, how does the process work, what to expect. Make sure all these points are covered.

When it comes to making the final decision, don’t base it purely on cost and the lowest fee offered (as tempting as that can be at the start of an expensive project!) The fit and trust you feel for your architect is THE most important factor. They should also have established relationships with builders, consultants, craftspeople and suppliers. And you should get the feeling that they are a strong character with the confidence to tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear.

Once you have made your decision, you have essentially made the decision to trust this person. So trust them. And be sure to treat them with respect so that you enjoy a productive relationship and enjoyable renovation journey.


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