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New Residential Buildings

For clients who want to build a new home bespoke to their needs, GWA will work with you to bring your vision to life brick by brick. This is a life-changing investment and we will help you do it once, and do it right.

From our decade of experience we will guide you through the key considerations – the site, your brief and needs, building regulations and more. Our holistic service starts from initial ideas through to the design concept and product selection, costing and construction, interior and landscape design. We bring together our trusted community of consultants, tradespeople, builders and specialist crafters to deliver your perfect home.


Renovation of Homes 

We believe that a home is an ever-evolving, living thing. Rather than outgrowing the home you love and moving on, you may wish to renovate the space to support your next phase.

As with our new homes service, GWA offers full spectrum expertise for renovations, first by teasing out the next iteration of your property and solidifying these ideas into a concept design and master plan. Our expertise in Council Development Applications is crucial here, particularly if you are renovating a heritage building. We have extensive experience in gently adapting Sydney terraces, apartments and bungalows to meet our clients needs as well as respecting their traditional charm.

GWA designs home renovations which are super efficient in plan, ensuring calming flow and convenience to support busy modern lives. We create additions that sit comfortably alongside the character of the original home, never jarring, and always warm and inviting.


Concept Design and Master Plan

The starting point of any project – new build or renovation – is the property masterplan. GWA takes those early stage ideas, needs and inspiration points and interprets these into a masterplan and design concept for your home. With our years of experience, we will guide you through an incredible yet achievable concept and map out the next steps, presenting a selection of options using design sketches, imagery and moodboards.


Authority Approvals and Council Submissions

Your dream home design will need necessary approvals from the Council and developments of any size come with a variety of documents and certificates including Development Applications, CDCs, S455 Applications and Construction Certificates. GWA has 20 years’ experience dealing with Councils across Sydney, Newcastle, Perth, Jindabyne, Wollongong, Coffs Harbour and Darwin and we will work closely with you to ensure your property’s vision gets the seal of approval from necessary authorities.


Detailed Design and Construction

Ahead of the build we will form the project team comprising the GWA designer, our chosen builders and tradespeople. Together we will prepare for construction with an extension of the masterplan into detailed design, refining the product selections and ensuring compliance with National Building Codes before presenting a detailed cost plan and schedule. This is the most in-depth element of the project as we believe in thorough build preparation and laser focused detail to anticipate all outcomes and minimise disruption throughout the build.


Interior Design

If the building is the bones of a property, the interior is the beating heart of a home and we create internal designs that live and breathe with its occupants.

We take our stylistic cues from the client and create a beautiful, highly functional bespoke design. Our interior expertise spans all rooms and their fit-outs including kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, bespoke storage and carpentry, furniture options and art selection. Interiors are a crucial layer to the overall design; they are the beautiful backdrop to our client’s lives.



GWA also blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor living beautifully, creating inspired landscapes including light-filled internal courtyards, outdoor kitchens and lounge areas, garden rooms and more. We collaborate with the best landscape architects and designers to bring these concepts to life.


Are you ready to begin your journey to design your new home? Sit down with us in our Double Bay studio to start the conversation. Talk with us about your big ideas, and fears (!) and we can offer you our opinion on what you could do, or how you should proceed.

In this conversation, we will cover:

  • What it is that you want to do? What don’t you want to do?

  • What is your situation right now, what are your needs and wishes?

  • What possibilities exist for your particular property, in terms of Council requirements and restrictions, site opportunities and constraints.

  • What is a realistic cost expectation for your project.

  • What are your expectations regarding timing for your project.

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