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Designing a bathroom - things to consider

Creating the ideal bathroom can be more complicated than it first appears. You may have space restrictions, natural light issues, multiple layout decisions to make and lots of small but crucial details to consider both functionally and aesthetically. Follow our checklist below and you’ll have covered every element before moving ahead with your bathroom design.


Make sure your plan layout is efficient. Lots of bathrooms are limited in size and you may need to work smart to create a feeling of space and serenity. Ensure your WC outlet is in the right location for your chosen toilet, and confirm what’s possible with your plumber. We also recommend a toilet suite that’s wall hung, these are up off the floor so you can clean thoroughly underneath. Make sure water from the shower can’t spill out into your WC/ vanity area. Use a single contractor for the waterproofing and the tiling of your bathroom, so you only have one company to contact if there is a problem.

Fixtures and materials

Typically bathrooms are expensive and the main cost is actually in the labour. Therefore it makes sense to choose high quality materials – these will not massively impact the overall cost and will give you years of enjoyment. It can be tricky selecting items that all work together from a technical point of view. Make sure your chosen basins work with the taps - for example, is your basin a single tap hole, double, triple or none? How long is the projection of the spout, and does that work with the location of the sink drain? Carefully review the technical information for your fixtures to make sure everything is well coordinated, and you’ll avoid any expensive mistakes. If you have the space, we like a bench-like vanity with an inset basin. These give you lots of storage, they are easy to

clean and look very elegant. Avoid above-bench basins, in our experience they are difficult to clean. Tiles - the bathroom needs to be highly functional but also give you a sense of calm and peace. Choosing quite simple tiles that are consistent across the floor and walls can help to create this feeling, while being a practical choice too. For irregular or small bathrooms, use smaller to medium sized tiles. Large tiles require highly skilled Tiler to get

right and usually create a lot of wastage. Fluted glass is a good choice for bathrooms, either for shower screens or external windows. They give privacy and add another texture to the space.


Controllable lights are a must in a bathroom, so you can set the mood depending on time of day and dim the lights for your evening bath to unwind. When installing lights at the vanity mirror, make sure they are around the mirror or beside it. Never put lights above

your face, they cast shadows and are unflattering (not what you need when getting ready for the day).


Be sure to fit a good fan extraction and or windows in the bathroom. These are high traffic areas generating damp air daily, and you’ll need peace of mind that the space can cope with this.

Added luxuries

Automated toilets may just change your life! They’re a bidet and toilet in one with a warm seat, warm water and self-cleaning technology. The newer models look luxurious too.

Heated towel rails are a simple but luxurious addition to your bathroom; keeping towels warm and ready for wrapping after baths and showers and adding warmth to the room.

And lastly, Install a hefty lock on the door so you can enjoy your bathing in peace!


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