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Five modern kitchen essentials you didn’t know you needed

Following on from our last blog about designing a kitchen, we’re sharing the essentials every modern kitchen should have. These clever extras may seem like modern indulgences but together they will hugely improve the functionality of the space, make your storage work for you, save you time and stress with their efficiency…and give you the tools to make a punchy cocktail in minutes while you’re cooking dinner!

1. Zip / Billi tap

These taps give you boiled, chilled and sparkling water in one - making your kettle redundant, cutting down your plastic bottle use and saving energy. One of those kitchen gadgets that will soon have you wondering how you ever lived without it.

2. Pull out kitchen mixer tap

Once only seen in professional kitchens, the pull out mixer tap is now being introduced to residential homes thanks to its deep cleaning benefits. These taps come on a stretchy arm and release a frothy spray of water which is great for rinsing fruit and vegetables and spot cleaning large kitchen pans, as well as cleaning hard-to-reach places in the kitchen sink.

3. Hidden pull-out waste and recycling bins

Make the most of your space and hide the kitchen waste by integrating the bins in lower cupboards on runners to slide in and out. Locate them as close to the kitchen sink and dishwasher as possible for easy clearing up after meals.

4. Appliance cupboard

The things which are used most often in a kitchen - such as the coffee machine and toaster - can be the messiest. Which is why we always recommend an appliance cupboard with a pocket door to give easy access with the option to quickly tuck them away! Have a shelf at bench height for the toaster, coffee machine, kettle if you use one, with large pantry drawers below for plates, cutlery and cups and open shelves above to store bread, tea, coffee beans etc. You and the family can help yourselves to hot drinks and toast and slide the doors shut to hide the mess away until someone has time to clean up.

5. Secret bar

The home bar is an interiors trend that’s getting more popular, but people (particularly young families) may not want their spirits and shakers on show all the time. Step forward the secret bar: a grown-up drinks area hidden behind beautiful mirrored doors, or inside a cupboard with a drop-down door. However you style it, the bar should be easily concealed during the day and when opened, showcase your collection of drinks and glassware ready for mixing.


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