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Architectural Return Brief

Architectural Return Brief


Have you found an architect to help you with your next big project and have trouble communicating your ideas and wishes to them?


The Architectural Return Brief is our document that we use for our clients when beginning their journey. In there you will find the necessary information required for an architect to interpret your brief and translate it into the home you want.


It features topics such as the:

  • Core Design Principles; in which we believe must be achieved in every home.
  • Client Brief; to get the base requirements and needs for your home such as how many rooms or bathrooms.
  • General Ideas; based on our past projects for your to consider.
  • Room for you to write any additional comments.
  • Cost Expectation / Budget; for your to write down your realistic expectations.
  • Personal Questions; to understand your likes and dislikes.
  • Fun Questions; to bring the fun into your home. These questions may seem odd at first, but for many architects it is important for us to understand who your are. In the end of the day your home should be in a sense a reflection of you.
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