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Layout Review Service

Are you 100% sure that your floor plan is perfect?


Are you worried that your existing plan or the plan you have worked on is not quite right. You can't say why, but you know something does not feel right. Well you are in the right place! This is my speciality and super power and I would love to find your perfect layout.

I have never met a plan that I can't improve! 


I have refined my methods over 25 years of experience as an architect. Having designed thousands of homes and achieved successful outcomes for clients all over the world, including; Australia, New Zealand, the US, South America, the UK, Ireland, the Middle East, Asia and Europe.


I am confident that I can show you your homes full potential. 


By engaging our AAA Layout Review Service we will work alongside you to ensure that your house is supporting you, not the other way around.

Wouldn't you love the following:

  • To have certainty that you are spending your renovation money well

  • To have certainty things will be in the right spot 

  • A design that serves you well and is uniquely tailored to your needs

  • To make sure you get the most our of your valuable space

  • To maximise the value of your real estate

  • When your friends and family visit, they die of jealously

You don't want to do this wrong!

Designing your perfect layout is easier said than done.

Don't leave it until you start construction, to review your design and ensure the perfect layout. Renovating or building a home is a very costly exercise. Make sure you do it once, do it right!

Does this sound like you? 

  • I feel like my layout is not quite right, but I can't fix it

  • I want to renovate my home, but don't know what is possible

  • I already have plans drawn up, but are not confident that this is exactly what I want

  • I don't have access to experienced designers in my area

  • I want to collaborate with a experienced architect to design my dream home

  • I don’t know where to start with my renovation and feel overwhelmed

  • I am worried about the amount of money your renovation will cost and want to make sure you get it right

  • I am scared that if I do this wrong, I will have wasted money and I will have to live in a terrible home for the rest of my life!


The Process:

AAA_2336_Katherine Dent.jpg

1. Send us your Floor Plan

You send us your floor plans and briefing documents

AAA_2336_Katherine Dentfff.jpg

2. We send you our Draft

Within 2 weeks you will receive a draft layout with annotations describing our thought process

AAA_Layout Services Proposal_2023.jpg

3. Send us your Feedback

You send us your feedback, comments and mark ups 

AAA_2336_Katherine Dent_Revised.jpg

4. We send you your Final Layout

Within 1 week we will send you a final floor plan with your comments included


Layout Review Service

This service is offered worldwide!


What we require from you:


  • Several rounds of questions to help us clarify your brief

  • Continuous email communication with our team during the design process

  • Integration of your feedback into the revised layout


1x CAD drawn floor plan

1x revised CAD floor plan

Annotations from Georgina, articulating her design choices and rationale.


  • Receive Documentation

  • Within 2 weeks you receive first draft of plan

  • Within 1 week of us reviewing feedback from you

  • You receive a revised CAD drawn floor plan



Up to 100sqm = $1,500 AUD
Up to 200sqm = $2,500 AUD
Up to 300sqm = $3,500 AUD
Up to 400sqm = $4,500 AUD
Over 400sqm = POA

*If you require your first draft sooner than 2 weeks, please enquire about expedite pricing

*This service does not include meetings or phone calls. If you require to speak with Georgina we recommend you book an Initial Project Consultation.


But wait, there's more!

When you join, you’ll also get these awesome bonuses! (worth $1000)


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A personal and curated guide to our favourite suppliers. Shop from furniture, bathroom supplies to building products. What makes it worth it? You get special discounts at selected suppliers.

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AAA Product Book

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Hi I'm Georgina!

As an award winning Registered Architect with 25 years’ experience and a passion for helping home renovators, I’ve designed this online service to be your ultimate resource for transforming your home into a highly functional masterpiece. 

I’ve seen thousands of homes and designed homes of all shapes and sizes. All across the world including Australia, New Zealand, the US, South America, the UK, Ireland, the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

I think a lot about how houses work in my spare time. You could probably call it an obsession! 😉 

Now, I'm thrilled to share my extensive knowledge and insights with you in my AAA Layout Review Service. 

I would love to be a part of your renovation journey to create a home that not only operates with the utmost efficiency but also captivates with its aesthetics. Together, we will elevate and transform your home ensuring each space is a masterpiece in its own right.


Book today and let's embark on this transformative experience together. 


Social media will have you believe that good design is about luxury finishes and beautiful imagery. For the past year, I’ve been sharing an alternative point of view, with the intention of cutting through that message, and helping home renovators like yourself get back to basics.


In response to overwhelming demand for high-quality design from my global audience, I am thrilled to share my specific expertise in floor plan design with you via my AAA Layout Review Service.

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Nevada, United States


Victoria, Australia



Guildford, United Kingdom


Queensland, Australia

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NSW, Australia


NSW, Australia


  • What is the cost of this service?
    The cost of this service is based upon the area of assessment. If you tell us the area that you wish to have reviewed we can give you a specific quotation for your property. Refer to the pricing schedule and select your area.
  • Is this an international service?
    Yes, the AAA Layout Services are for projects worldwide. We have worked with happy customers from Australia, New Zealand, the US, South America, the UK, Ireland, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and more.
  • Does this service include calls / meetings?
    We will be communicating via email back and forth with you. We communicate via email as we are discussing drawings and we find the best way to understand each other is to make commentary and amendments via the actual floor plans. This minimizes misunderstandings as everything is recorded. We go to and fro with you until you are happy.
  • When do I get my first round of the revised floorplan?
    You will receive your first round of design within 2 weeks from the date of submission of your brief and floor plans.
  • What if my floorplan is under 100 sqm?
    The minimum area we consider is 100 sqm. We encourage you to include surrounding areas in your design review so that we can full understand the context of your needs.
  • What if I don’t have a floor plan?
    The floor plan does not need to be perfect. It can be a real estate plan, hand drawings by you or a drawing by another architect. If you don't have access to any form of floor plan, we would suggest you find a local draftsman to draw up your home in its existing condition. This information is always handy to have and will be crucial if you were to do any renovation work.
  • What if I want a design for a new build?
    This service is for reviewing design proposals. We have plenty of clients who use this service for reviewing their plans for new builds. In terms of designing a new build from scratch we would consider this on application. If you are interested or have more questions about this, please fill out our enquiry form and we will get back to you.
  • What if I have plans already from another Architect but want a second opinion?
    You are in the right place! We provide a second opinion on designs that have been done by others, be that architects, drafts people, interior designers, home owners themselves, builders and more. This professional review can help you provide your building team the feedback required to ensure your needs are met.
  • How are you going to design this when you can’t visit my home?
    Plans are the language that we speak. We are experts at this. All we need is your floor plan and your brief. Our process is a conversation between yourself and us where we provoke responses from you that hone in on exactly what is it that you need.
  • Who is going to create my layout?
    Georgina will personally review and solve your layout.
  • What if I don’t like it?
    We will work with you until you do.
  • Why would I get you to design my layout rather than a local architect or designer?
    We are laser focused on creating the best possible layout for you, and nothing else. This is our superpower! We believe we are the best in the world at solving plans for real life. Our goal is to give you an excellent plan. From there you can confidently move forward with your building project.
  • Is this full architectural service?
    No, absolutely not. This is a review of your layout to ensure you achieve the best plan possible.
  • Will you supervise the construction for us?
    No, this is not offered in the AAA Layout Review Service.
  • Can I expedite my layout?
    If you require your layout review ASAP, we offer an expedited service for an additional fee. Please enquire through our enquiry form.
  • Does your design take into account the climatic condition where I live?
    Of course, we consider this in terms of the way your local climate would effect your layout. For example orientation of the sun, air lock facilities and more.
  • Can I give your layout to my builder for construction?
    Step 2 and Step 3 of our AAA Layout Services offer more complete preparation of documentation that would be suitable for direct handover to your builder. Nevertheless, plenty of our customers have used the principles contained in our layout review drawings to drive the build of their projects. It really depends on how you are procuring your project.

Don't wait until you have started construction to review your layout.


Do it today, to find your home's full potential!

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