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Layout Review



Are you 100% sure that your floor plan is perfect?

Are you a homeowner wanting to optimise your home to support your life? Well you are in the right place. I'm so glad you're here!

I am an architect with 25 years experience, who has seen thousands of homes. I want to review your plans and show you the best layout options for you. By engaging our AAA Layout Review Service we will work alongside you to ensure that your house is supporting you, not the other way around.

Wouldn't you love the following:

  • A home that makes you proud?

  • A home that serves you and your lifestyle?

  • A home that seamlessly fits the workflow of your family?

  • A home that reflects your personality and aesthetic?

  • A home made up of all the things that you love, both functionally and aesthetically

Designing your perfect home is easier said than done.

Does this sound like you? 

  • You want to renovate your home, but don't know what is possible in terms of your layout

  • There are things that you wish you know knew how to deal with, such as placement of items to maximise use of space, especially functionality 

  • You have already had plans drawn up, but are not confident that this is exactly what you want

  • Does your current architect or designer designs not satisfy you

  • Are you struggling to access great design support

  • You have designed something your dream home yourself, but want a second opinion

  • You don’t know where to start with your renovation and feel overwhelmed

  • You don't know how to communicate what you want to a professional

  • You have a busy life and need help and support

  • You don't understand what steps are required to move your renovation forward

  • You feel overwhelmed by all the decisions you need to make 

  • You are worried about the amount of money your renovation will cost and want to make sure you get it right

  • You are scared that if you do it wrong, you will have wasted a lot of money and will have to live with a terrible home for the rest of your life!


Don't worry, you are not alone, I am here to support you!

You have come to the right place. I will help you overcome all of these challenges and finally get your kitchen designed and DONE with calm confidence. 

With my support, direction, and resources to help you, we work alongside you to design your own highly functional, beautiful home that is a joy to inhabit.  

I will empower you to achieve the perfect layout for your home.

You CAN achieve the lifestyle that you dream of through good design. 


The path to your perfect home...

Unlock your home’s potential and elevate your kitchen renovation with my 3 three step program to create the perfect home.

You will: 

  • Learn from an award winning Architect with over two decades of experience using my proven framework that we use to design all our projects in our studio. 

  • Learn to understand the intricate balance between aesthetics and practicality.  

  • Learn how to optimise your space efficiently  

  • Select the right materials and finishes 

  • Get insider access – to my suppliers, templates, past designs, tips and more! 

  • Gain invaluable insights and actionable knowledge. 

My goal is to empower you to take control of your home and achieve the most efficient plan that works for your specific needs. This way, every dollar that you apply to your renovation will be well spent, because every item will be in the right place.


Join me today and embark on a journey to become a kitchen renovation maestro, ready to create a space that inspires and impresses. Don't miss out ! 

ICON - Step 1.png

Step 1: Plan Layout Review

We reimagine your existing space and proposed the highly functional and optimal masterplan.

ICON - Step 2.png

Step 2: Elevations, Moodboard & Schedules

We look at targeted areas in detail and design the look and feel.

ICON - Step 3.png

Step 3: Review Areas in Detail

Once you have everything locked in, we prepare the documents ready for your builder.

What you can expect:

Step 1: Plan Layout Review


Step 1: Plan Layout Review


What we require from you:


  • Several rounds of questions to help us clarify your brief

  • Continuous communication with our team during the
    design process

  • Integration of your feedback into the revised layout


1x CAD drawn floor plan

1x revised CAD floor plan

Annotations from Georgina, articulating her design choices and rationale.


  • Receive Documentation

  • Within 2 weeks you receive first draft of plan

  • Within 1 week of us reviewing feedback from you

  • You receive a revised CAD drawn floor plan



Under 100sqm = $997 AUD
Under 200sqm = $1,997 AUD
Under 300sqm = $2,997 AUD
Under 400sqm = $3,997 AUD
Over 400sqm = POA

*If you require your first draft sooner than 2 weeks, please enquire about expedite pricing


AAA_2336_Katherine Dent.jpg

Received Plan

AAA_2336_Katherine Dentfff.jpg

First Draft by AAA

AAA_2336_Katherine Dent_Revised.jpg

Revised Floor Plan by AAA

AAA_Layout Services Proposal_2023.jpg
AAA_Layout Services Proposal_20231.jpg

Feedback from You

Step 2: Elevations, Moodboard & Schedules


Step 2: Elevations, Moodboard & Schedules


What we require from you:

  • Fill in the templates schedules with any specific item you want to include (we can suggest everything else)

  • Up to 3 precedent / inspiration images for each room

  • Any additional comments / mark ups regarding your preferred Option plan


  • Several round of questions to help us clarify your brief

  • Continuous communication with our team during the design process

  • Integration of your feedback into the revised elevation layout


  • Detailed Plans of the selected rooms

  • Layout Elevations of these areas

  • Coloured Elevations of these areas

  • Finishes and Fixtures Schedules

  • Moodboard


  • Receive Documentation

  • Within 2 weeks you receive first draft of elevation

  • Within 1 week of us receiving feedback from you

  • You receive a revised coloured elevation drawn floor plan


$2,997 AUD per room


AAA_2336_Katherine Dent_Revised.jpg

Your Approved Step 1 Plan

Step 2 - Place Holder.jpg

Elevation Drawings by AAA

Step 3 - Place Holder.jpg

Coloured Elevation Drawings by AAA

Step 2 - Feedback Image.jpg
Step 2 - Feedback Text.jpg

Feedback from You

Step 3: Review Areas in Detail


Step 3: Review Areas in Detail

What we require from you:

  • You have completed and approved Step 1 and Step 2

  • Confirmation of critical dimensions if requested


  • We dimension your approved drawings and select appropriate details to complete your build-ready documents


  • Detailed plans and elevations

  • Refined Schedules

  • Typical Details


2 Weeks from confirmation and completion of Step 2.


$2,997 AUD per room


2207_Sinclair Apartment - Sheet - A500 - WET AREA - KITCHEN - PLAN.jpg

Dimensioned and Tagged Drawings to Clearly Communicate your Intent to your Builder




Nevada, United States


Victoria, Australia



Guildford, United Kingdom


Queensland, Australia

TESTIMONIAL - Laelene.png
TESTIMONIAL - Katherine.png


NSW, Australia


NSW, Australia


Good luck with your project!

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